Infrastructure & Public construction

We have constructed or are currently constructing some of Lithuania’s most prestigious building and infrastructure projects, working with both private and public sector clients.

Infrastructure & Public Construction

Lithuania’s membership in the European Union resulted in a great need to upgrade and further develop its social infrastructure and rail system and opened up additional financial resources to execute such projects. Mitnija has served the national and local governments, public agencies and the transportation industry throughout the country in building hospitals, clinics, educational and research facilities as well as rail infrastructure.

We have the workforce, equipment, know-how and resources needed to deliver the largest rail projects and complex social infrastructure projects.

Creating such specialized properties as clinics, general hospitals or university research centers requires a high level of technical expertise and project management skills. As a general contractor, we must have the knowledge to perform such construction and ensure the smooth coordination of dozens of subcontractors and vendors. The responsibility rests with us – we must be sure that advanced technological work is done on time and meets the highest quality standards, and that the overall construction process is managed professionally.

Facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals and rail infrastructure are all part of public life. Their quality is a key factor for the development of our society. Mitnija has been a trusted partner of national and municipal authorities for many years, executing complex construction projects and improving the quality of our daily lives.

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