A new home for Danske Bank’s Global service center in Vilnius

Mitnija constructed a new business center for M. M. M. Projektai in Vilnius. The center became the home of Danske Bank’s Global service center.

Mitnija built a new business center for the M. M. M. Projektai real estate development company in Vilnius. It emerged in the Žvėrynas neighborhood near the city center on Saltoniškių Street in a former industrial area. The new business center became the home of Danske Bank’s Global Service Center.

The project’s first phase comprises a 6-story, 12,000 square meter office building, a 340-space underground parking lot, and 130 ground level parking spaces. The 2 hectare area managed by M. M. M. Projektai can hold a total of 60,000 square meters of commercial buildings.

The M. M. M. Projektai business center is distinguished not only by its modern and efficient architecture, but by its state-of-the-art construction and technological solutions. The roof of the A-class energy efficient building features solar panels that will generate a tenth of the structure’s required electricity. Bicycle paths were expanded and installed around the structure along with 11 electric vehicles charging stations.

The business center was built according to sustainable development principles and with the goal of earning a BREEAM certificate. In this project, Mitnija focused not only on innovative architectural solutions or engineering systems, but on responsible construction management, the creation of convenient and modern jobs during construction, and communication with the local community as well.

Unique. During construction, Mitnija:

  • Managed 50 subcontractors and suppliers, totaling 250 workers during the peak period.
  • Used 1,100 tons of metal.
  • Removed 3,800 truckloads of soil.
  • Mounted a 28-meter metal bridge weighing 200 tons connecting two building wings on floors 5 and 6.
  • Used 4,200 m3 of concrete.
  • Duration of construction – 21 months.


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Construction period




200 ton metal bridge connecting two building wings

28 m

200 ton metal bridge connecting two building wings
tons of metal


tons of metal

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