2021 01 14

Press Release

Mitnija begins construction of WestHub, Lithuania’s greenest logistics center

Mitnija, one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania, has been chosen to build WestHub, a 17,000 sq. m logistics center in the Šilainiai District of Kaunas, near the Via Baltica route. The first of its kind in Lithuania, the new logistics center will be completely fossil fuel-free, using only on-site generated solar energy for its routine operations.

The WestHub logistics center is a project of the real estate developer Kamida NT, a subsidiary of Kamida Group, which also owns companies specializing in transport, logistics and agricultural machinery. The construction project is worth almost EUR 9 million and is scheduled to be completed by Mitnija within 11 months, in November 2021.

Rated A++ for energy efficiency, the new logistics center will have a goods storage capacity of 15,200 sq. m, with an additional floor space of some 1,800 sq. m for administrative offices. The project will seek BREEAM’s Green Building Certification with a “Very Good” rating.

WestHub logistikos centras Kamida Mitnija 01 scaled - Mitnija begins construction of WestHub, Lithuania’s greenest logistics center

Darius Mikėnas, CEO of Kamida Group, explains that implementing this unique project allows the company to contribute to furthering the goals of the European Green Deal.

“These days, few would doubt that Europe’s future lies with green technology. Investing into it allows us to not only reduce the carbon footprint of our facilities, create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and deliver sustainable and long-term value to our investors, but also contribute to building a more sustainable economy. I’m very proud of the fact that our logistics center will be the first in Lithuania to be completely fossil fuel-free, with all its energy needs fully covered by the solar plant installed on its roof. Becoming an energy-generating consumer will allow us to transfer all surplus energy generated on sunny days to the national grid – Lithuania’s Distribution System Operator (ESO) – and take it back when we’re running low. Despite the larger initial investments required by green technologies vis-à-vis more standard options, they will pay off in the long run, cutting our operational costs significantly, ensuring a comfortable work environment, and boosting the value of our building,” Mr. Mikėnas says.

WestHub logistikos centras Kamida Mitnija 02 - Mitnija begins construction of WestHub, Lithuania’s greenest logistics center

Julius Gendvilis, CEO of Mitnija, notes that Kamida NT’s WestHub logistics center stands out from the rest of the company’s portfolio of projects in Lithuania.

“Our clients – developers of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate – are increasingly turning to green and environmentally friendly technologies, but WestHub is the first project to take care of its energy needs without using fossil fuels. Solar energy will satisfy all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs because the innovative system of air-to-air pumps runs on electricity,” Mr. Gendvilis says.

kamera 03 scaled - Mitnija begins construction of WestHub, Lithuania’s greenest logistics center

Kamida NT’s Project Manager Germantas Kavaliauskas points out that the WestHub logistics center will also be using advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption.

“The project’s Cool Roof system will not only prevent overheating during the summer but also generate electricity by reflecting solar beams. Efficient LED light fixtures will consume less electricity and allow us to cut the number of light fixtures needed in the main areas by 25 percent while maintaining the required illuminance levels. Last but not least, we will be installing a computer-based Building Management System that will control the building and ensure efficient operation of its engineering systems,” Mr. Kavaliauskas says.

WestHub will also feature distinctive and modern interior design solutions. The interior designer Ieva Folk will create not only a welcoming and modern working environment but also a highly functional interior, placing a special emphasis on efficient management of day-to-day flows and available space without compromising on comfort.

The architectural design of Kamida NT’s new logistics center was prepared by Tomas Kriaučiūnas of the Kita Kryptis architectural office. Technical supervision of the facility construction is being carried out by Resums.

Project web site: https://www.westhub.lt/

Project developer: http://www.kamidagroup.lt/