2021 01 08


Mitnija completes S7 business center four months early

Mitnija, one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania, completed the fourth and final stage of the S7 business center four months ahead of schedule. Developed by Galio Group (formerly M.M.M. Projektai), the business center occupies a former industrial site in the Žvėrynas neighborhood of Vilnius. Construction of the four stages by Mitnija took almost five years. It is among Lithuania’s largest, most innovative and most expensive office projects.

The fourth stage of the S7 business center comprises a six-story building and a three-level underground parking garage. The total area of the building is more than 21,500 sq. m: 12,500 sq. m of office space and 9,000 sq. m for the underground garage. The fourth stage of the S7 business center conforms to Class A+ energy efficiency requirements.

0001 S7 by Evaldas Stakenas - Mitnija completes S7 business center four months early

Galio Group’s Director of Commercial Projects, Aurimas Martinkėnas, said that cooperation with Mitnija has been professional and smooth.

“Our partner construction company Mitnija completed the work four months ahead of the deadline stipulated in the contract. All of us see this as a major accomplishment, because each building in the business center is complicated and built in compliance with very high international sustainability standards. Its construction implemented solutions that the Lithuanian market has never used before,” Mr. Martinkėnas said.

During 2016-2019 Mitnija built the first, second and third stages of the S7 business center, which are now home to Danske Bank’s Global Services Center and Telia Lietuva. The total area of the complex built by Mitnija is more than 103,000 sq. m, consisting of 53,500 sq. m of office space and 49,500 sq. m for the underground garage.

060 S7 by Evaldas Stakenas 1 - Mitnija completes S7 business center four months early

Nerijus Sabonis, Mitnija’s project manager, says that long-time cooperation, efficient communication with the customer, and love for the project were the key reasons why Mitnija was able to complete the project ahead of the deadline.

“We have been working with Galio Group for five years now, ever since building the first stage of S7. These years gave us an opportunity to get to know our client, learn about their working style, expectations, and requirements. Therefore, during the construction of the second, third and fourth stages of the project, it only took us half a word to understand each other, and the work went efficiently. Long-term cooperation certainly benefits both the client and the construction company, as it saves time and money. Despite the tensions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our client and the tenant of the building, as well as our business partners – designers, subcontractors and suppliers – showed high motivation to complete the project in time. All of us fell in love with the project, so our work proceeded smoothly and we were all excited.”

Mr. Sabonis explained that the site where the fourth stage of the project was built had no storage area. Mitnija was only allowed to fully close one lane of Pieninės street and thus had to do a lot of the installation work “straight off the loading truck.”

“It was very challenging because the construction, as well as the installation of the Danske Bank premises, required a lot of precision. At times, the construction processes and supply logistics were a matter of minutes, we had to precisely and professionally manage over 80 subcontractors and suppliers. I am glad we managed to do it right,” Mr. Sabonis said.

028 S7 by Evaldas Stakenas - Mitnija completes S7 business center four months early

The S7 business center was designed by Arrow (Denmark), Archinova (Lithuania), and Eventus Pro (Lithuania). All four office buildings were designed and built in compliance with the BREEAM international standard for sustainable buildings, and with the goal of earning a BREEAM New Construction Excellent certificate. This is one of the highest and most prestigious ratings on the BREEAM scale, and the S7 project was the first Lithuanian project to earn it.

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