2018 07 11

Press Release

Mitnija to build EUR 25 million business and public complex in Paupys

Mitnija, one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania, and MG Valda, a real estate development company, have signed a contract for construction of a business and public complex in the newly-developed Paupys District, situated in the old town of Vilnius. This is the fourth stage of the project, which is 5 hectares (ha) in size.

Mitnija has been entrusted with building a business center that will occupy an area of more than 30,000 sq. m, including underground parking and other commercial buildings. The company will commence work immediately and expects to complete construction by the end of 2019.

The business complex being built by Mitnija will house Class A offices as well as creative businesses that express the old town culture and environment, employing unconventional layout solutions and bold architecture. They will include stores, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, a conference hall, a gym and a day care center. One special feature of the Paupys business complex will be a stylish gourmet market, where not only the products of farmers, fishermen and culinary masters, but also several street food businesses will be found under the same roof.

“We want bring life back into the district, so when we created the concept we tried to include several functions offering something for all of those who live, work and visit this area. The residential portions are being developed separately from the commercial and public portion, in order to support the needs of residents for peace and quiet, while also ensuring the energy of the commercial sector,” stated Sigita Survilaitė-Mekionienė, CEO of MG Valda, which is implementing the project.

In the Paupys District, special attention will also be devoted to various public spaces – squares, fountains, art installations and leisure zones.

Paupys is the first step in the implementation of the largest conversion project in Lithuania – Vilnius Architectural Park. The aim of the project is to turn 78 ha of unused industrial land near the city center into an area that is attractive for living, work and leisure.