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Meshing processes for time and cost savings

The ancient Egyptians seem to have had the right idea: put a single person, a “master builder,” in charge of both design and construction of the pyramids. If a two-ton granite block didn’t align correctly, there was no finger pointing between engineers and builders. Everyone was on the same team. The end-product, everyone agrees, turned out to be pretty successful.

Fast-forward several millennia. The processes became separated. Designers design, specs are drawn up and bids are taken. Only then do builders build, and only when they are low bidders. It’s a cost-focused system that doesn’t necessarily reward quality or innovation.

Could the pyramids have been built this way? Perhaps not. That’s why more and more projects, especially large scale ones, are being bid as Design & Build projects, a process that acknowledges the wisdom of the ancient builders.

Mitnija grafikas 2020 EN Mob - Design & Build
Mitnija grafikas 2020 EN Tab - Design & Build
Mitnija grafikas 2020 EN PC - Design & Build

Design & Build is a straightforward term for a project in which a single organization takes charge of everything from the conceptual stages through the end of construction. It is a methodology that places enormous responsibility in the hands of a single firm. Today’s “master builders” are companies that can intelligently mesh design and construction processes to reward clients with significant time and cost savings.

Unifying two processes brings numerous efficiencies, all of which accrue to the bottom line. Architects usually design things that are aesthetically pleasing on paper, but sometimes they have little knowledge of the degree of difficulty in constructing what they design. But when the processes are going on simultaneously, builders and engineers can influence architects to design in a slightly different way and achieve the same results or better. It puts creative construction people into the design process.

Key benefits of our Design & Build service

  •  Accelerated Project Delivery
  • Construction Expertise in Preconstruction Phases
  • Improved Integration of Owner’s Objectives into Project
  • Proactive Management of Project Delivery Outcome
  • Value Engineering / Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Enhanced Procurement and Access to Open Book Project Information
  • Improved Quality Control / No Change Order Costs
  • Genuine Team Environment, Clear Duties, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Time and costs savings

Under the traditional bid-build project, the disconnect between designers and builders results in frequent changes. This can be costly to the client.

But in a Design & Build process, all the most creative ideas we come up with go into our bid price. We can enrich the process with our know-how, experience and ideas, propose alternatives and use Value Engineering. All this means time and cost savings for our clients.

The ability to manage simultaneous design and construction processes is a difficult-to-master skill set that we are proud of. For time and cost savings.

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