Residential Construction

We have constructed or are currently constructing some of Lithuania’s most prestigious building and infrastructure projects, working with both private and public sector clients.

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Residential construction

People spend an average of about ten hours a day at home. That includes quality time spent with loved ones, when a sense of well-being is particularly important. This is why we are so passionate about building neighborhoods or small residential projects. They represent a great responsibility.

Mitnija does not develop residential projects by itself. Instead, we work with local and international residential property developers, building their projects as well as providing them with the required pre-construction expertise. Throughout the process of residential project development, we share our design and engineering knowledge in order to guarantee the highest level of quality, durability and long-term value both for apartment buyers and property developers.

In building homes, every technical and construction solution is important and every detail counts. We therefore work closely with property developers and architects to ensure effective project planning, energy efficiency and green construction solutions. We combine our pre-construction expertise and construction experience to ensure that apartment buyers will enjoy comfortable and healthy homes.

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