Our strategy

We shall establish Mitnija as an industry leader in occupational health and safety, risk management, employee development, green construction and ethics.

Our strategy aims at ensuring profitable and sustainable business growth, thereby generating value for our customers, shareholders and employees. We shall establish Mitnija as an industry leader in occupational health and safety, risk management, employee development, green construction and ethics.

Mitnija’s internal reorganization during 2011-2012 resulted in a stronger management team as well as improved strategy, internal processes and risk control. This brought the company back on a growth track, with profitable operations.

Our strategy in brief

  • To be the most effective and profitable construction company in the market – focusing on its core business of construction in Lithuania, expanding its activities in the United Kingdom and other stable European markets and ensuring profitability and risks controls.
  • To have the best human resources – focusing on recruiting, developing and retaining talented employees.
  • To be the Lithuanian industry leader in sustainable development, particularly in occupational health and safety, the environment and ethics.

A profitable and effective construction company

  • We shall ensure sustainable and balanced growth of 5-10 percent annually, but no less than the Lithuanian construction industry in general.
  • We shall ensure project profitability of 3-5 percent, while continually improving our risk and profitability controls at the project level.
  • We shall focus on our core business – construction services – and our home market of Lithuania, while continuing to develop our UK operations and explore business opportunities in other stable European markets.
  • We shall ensure positive cash flow and pay strict attention to overhead control.
  • We shall ensure balanced incomes from all major business streams of the company – commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructure construction.
  • We shall say a strict “No” to loss-making projects and projects which may have a negative impact on community safety and welfare and may damage our image and reputation.
  • We shall say a strict “No” to investments not related to our core business, except to projects with a clear financial exit and public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

The most admired construction company

  • We shall ensure and safeguard the company’s strongly positive reputation and image in the market.
  • We shall recruit and retain the best professionals in the market, by continually developing and investing in the motivation and development of our employees.
  • We shall be committed to providing a safe working environment for everyone who works with Mitnija – our own employees, our contractors and suppliers.
  • We shall provide a complete package of construction related services to our customers and continually improve these services.
  • We shall develop new services and products for our customers, thus ensuring continual improvement in our expertise and providing greater added value.
  • We shall ensure that our customer satisfaction index is no less than 4.5 points out of a possible 5.0, and that our customers are pleased and professionally served in all stages of the construction process – pre-construction engineering, construction and post-construction.
  • We shall focus on quality, not on the quantity of projects, thereby generating added value to our customers and profitability to our shareholders.

A responsible construction company

  • We shall take social responsibility seriously. We are committed to doing business in accordance with high standards in terms of labor practices, human rights, impacts on society and product responsibility.
  • We shall say a strict “No” to unprofitable projects and eliminate environmental incidents, on-site accidents and ethical breaches.
  • We have certified our performance in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, as well as implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Standard System (OHSAS).
  • We shall strive to be an agent for change in the construction industry in Lithuania. Being among the largest construction companies in the country, we shall initiate and support major initiatives that will lead the development of the industry in the right direction. The industry should be more flexible in accepting important changes and pay greater attention to social responsibility, business ethics and environmental concerns, as well as new technologies and innovations.