Our vision and values

Mitnija aims to be the Lithuanian leader – the customers’ first choice – in building environments for working, living and traveling.

Our vision and mission

Mitnija aims to be the Lithuanian leader in construction. Our mission is to build environment for working, living and traveling, with a special focus on quality, environment, safety at work and business ethics. Our vision is to be the leader and the most admired construction company in Lithuania, the customers’ first choice in construction.

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Our values

Our values are fundamental to our operations and to how we act towards the communities and environments where we operate, as well as toward our customers, shareholders, employees and business partners and toward society in general.

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means taking a genuine interest in our customers and being committed to fulfilling their needs.

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means maintaining a high level of expertise in what we do and continually improving.

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means keeping promises instead of making excuses.

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means striving to exceed the expectations of customers and shareholders, thus delivering our projects on time and within budget.

Responsible business – our gateway to success

Our business and our products affect the lives of many people around us. This is why we place a high priority on sustainable business practices at Mitnija: respecting the communities in which we work and acting ethically in our relationships with public authorities, contractors, suppliers and customers. It also means maintaining a strong focus on environmental issues.