A new logistics center for Aibė in Kaunas district

Mitnija designed and built a new logistics center in the Kaunas district for the Aibė retail alliance, which unites more than 160 companies. The project was completed within 9 months.

The new logistics center covers 16,000 sq. m, about 5,000 of which is a temperature-controlled warehouse. The building also features administrative facilities, a store, a cafeteria, and spaces where culinary and confectionery shops can be installed.

While designing the building, Mitnija focused on ensuring the efficiency of Aibė’s business processes and keeping employees comfortable. The building features modern ventilation and air conditioner systems, rest areas and a cafeteria for employees, and spaces that are very open to natural light.

aibe logistic 22a scaled - A new logistics center for Aibė in Kaunas district

The logistics center was created with modern environmentally friendly solutions in mind. For example, more than 50% of the heating energy required by the center is geothermal. Surplus energy from refrigerator cooling machines is being used to heat water.

The Aibė logistics center consume 20 percent less energy than other buildings with similar intended uses. All of the logistics center’s engineering systems are managed by an automated system.

The freight volume handled by the new Aibė logistics center totals almost 220,000 cubic meters annually. The center has 19 goods-in and 14 goods-out bays, which are able to serve around 80 freight vehicles on average daily.

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