A new office building for Mikrovisata in Kaunas

Mitnija has built a new 3 600 sq m, seven-story office building on Savanoriu Avenue in Kaunas.

The client is Mikrovisatos Valda, a telecommunications and real estate development company. Mitnija completed the new office building within 11 months.

The B+ standard office building is distinguished for its contemporary architecture as well as modern technical and technological solutions. Inside, an energy-saving heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems are installed, as well as heat-saving triple-glazed hinged windows, and the possibility of providing heat to one part of the building and air conditioning the other, simultaneously.

Mikrovisata Mitnija 03 - A new office building for Mikrovisata in Kaunas

For the convenience of the tenants, a modular system of interior partitions was selected, allowing for flexible planning of the interior spaces of the building as required.

Adjacent to the building, a parking lot accommodating 100 vehicles has been set up with vehicle flow regulated by an automated control system.

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