Building better healthcare in Lithuania

Kaunas Clinics, the hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, is the largest and one of the most modern health care institutions in Lithuania. So when the client selected Mitnija for construction of a new trauma and emergency center there, for us this represented not only a challenge but also an acknowledgement of our long experience and high-quality work.

Mitnija built the new Trauma and Emergency Center in somewhat more than a year. The Center provides highly advanced medical care to patients in 15,000 sq. m of intensive care units, operating rooms, diagnostics facilities, laboratories, and nursing care wards, where almost 200 patients can be treated at once. More than 400 employees work at the Center, which provides intensive therapy as well as surgical, neurosurgical, and orthopedic trauma assistance twenty-four hours a day.

In this new medical center, Mitnija construction workers had to build 2 tunnels with a total length of almost 230 m, 17 operating rooms, separate intensive care and emergency units, facilities for laboratories and diagnostics, and even a helicopter landing pad.

Kauno klinikos Mitnija 01 - Building better healthcare in Lithuania

Modern engineering solutions were used in the construction of this extraordinary building: the operating rooms feature stainless steel walls covered with certified antibacterial surfaces. Air conditioning is provided by modern cooling machines with integrated heat pumps. Particular attention was devoted to the sterility of the operating rooms, which have stainless steel doors. A tri-level ventilation system that cleans the air very thoroughly was installed in the operating rooms.

Construction of the new Trauma and Emergency Center was also complex because we had to ensure that our work would have the least possible effect on the comfort of employees, patients, and visitors in adjoining structures. And because we were constructing a building where people’s lives will be saved, every one of our solutions as well as those of our subcontractors and suppliers had to be balanced suitably and carried out perfectly.

The modern, four-story building with a reinforced-concrete column-and-beam frame and a basement level was designed by the JAS architecture firm. During construction, the Mitnija project team managed dozens of subcontractors and suppliers.

Kaunas Clinics’ Trauma and emergency center in photos

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