Marriott chain’s Moxy hotel in Kaunas

Mitnija built the new concept Moxy hotel in the center of Kaunas. The three-star Moxy is part of the Marriott International hotel network. Its concept is adapted mainly to the needs and tastes of millennial generation travelers.

The new hotel built on Maironio Street, Kaunas, and replaced the former Sostinė shopping center. The six-story 5,800 sq. m building has 175 guest rooms. It’s one of the largest hotels in Kaunas and the first Moxy brand hotel in the Baltic countries.

The Moxy hotel in Kaunas was developed by the Tala LT real estate investment company; the hotel is managed by Apex Alliance Hotel Management. Mitnija completed Moxy Kaunas in April 2020.

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The architectural solutions of the Moxy hotel in Kaunas are unusual and technologically complex. The most interesting part was constructing the structural frame, because the hotel is designed as if its 2nd to 6th stories were suspended above the ground, like a bracket (protruding) structure. The building’s walls are curved at the corners, which is also a rare solution. Since the entire structure is monolithic, we used special formwork molds which helped us to obtain the required curvature.

Another novelty for Kaunas is the use of concrete finish for the interior of the building, as well as unique façade–finish solutions. Instead of a smooth finish, the hotel’s exterior is made from façade plaster which looks combed. The builders created such decoration by “combing” the plaster with tile adhesive combs. Both the concrete and façade finishing required a great deal of meticulous manual work, know-how, experience and craftsmanship.

Challenging construction process

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One of the greatest challenges was that construction took place in the very heart of the city. Also, the hotel building occupies almost the entire site, so we had practically no maneuvering room within it. This meant we had to plan the logistics of construction machinery, materials and formwork supply very carefully, organizing the construction work extremely accurately.

An equally big challenge was the demolition of the old building. The space between the old building and other structures, including a Bank of Lithuania building, was only one meter. Despite this, we managed to plan the work precisely, avoid incidents related to safety and environment, and minimize the effect of the demolition work on the surroundings.

The most modern hotel in Kaunas

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The Moxy hotel in Kaunas is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. All 175 hotel rooms are controlled individually, but the engineering systems of the entire hotel are integrated into a modern automated and computerized building management system. Balancing and programming the entire engineering system required specific know-how and experience.

At the peak of Mitnija’s construction of the Moxy hotel in Kaunas, more than 250 workers were busy at the construction site, and we had to manage over 60 subcontractors and suppliers.

The Baltics’ first Moxy landed in Kaunas

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Moxy Hotels is Marriott International’s new millennial-focused brand, which debuted in 2014 with the opening of the Moxy Milan in Italy. A boutique-hotel concept, Moxy is a fresh and innovative brand combining stylish design and approachable service at an affordable price point. Lively public spaces, minimalist style, tech-enabled cozy and efficient guest rooms offer a new way of traveling and a thoughtful, spirited and fun guest experience.

The interior of the Moxy in Kaunas features lively, fun interior solutions adapted to youthful tastes. Spacious common areas decorated with graffiti, drawings and photos, modern minimalist furniture, special lightning and other interior details creates the impression of a modern, lively, fashionable hotel for the young. At the Moxy in Kaunas, the hotel bar is also be used as the reception desk.

Moxy Kaunas in photos

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