Building the Ąžuolyno Namai apartment complex in Kaunas

Mitnija is building the Ąžuolyno Namai apartment complex in Kaunas for the Egavi real estate development company. The cluster of six apartment buildings will be constructed near the historic Žaliakalnis neighborhood in the center of the city.

The concept for Ąžuolyno Namai was prepared by Danish architecture company Aarhus Architekten and the technical project was prepared by Simper, a Lithuanian company.

Azuolyno namai Egavi Mitnija web 03 - Building the Ąžuolyno Namai apartment complex in Kaunas

The Ąžuolyno Namai complex will meet A-class energy efficiency standards. It will feature 84 apartments, 98 parking spots in an underground garage, and outdoor and rooftop terraces. The apartments will be outfitted with ThermoWood and hand-made ceramic clay tiles.

By following the subtle traditions of Scandinavian architecture, the project features modern, high-quality apartments that make maximal use of natural lighting and the green space surrounding them. Architects and developers wanted there to be enough room between the buildings for common spaces like playgrounds or private outdoor terraces.

The buildings’ façades will feature environmentally conscious and long-lasting materials, and the project will be dominated by clear and laconic architecture that reflects the characteristics of Scandinavian homes.

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