Dedicated to Lithuania’s scientists – the National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius

Mitnija has completed one of our biggest and most important recent projects – the new 25,000 sq. m National Center of Physical and Technological Sciences for Vilnius University at Saulėtekis (Sunrise) Valley. We were responsible for the construction of two (13,000 sq. m) out of the center’s five buildings.

For a long time Lithuania has lacked a center for physical science and technology that could satisfy modern needs. This has been an obstacle to both younger and more experienced scientists in their creative and innovate endeavors. However, the situation changed completely at the end of 2015.

The National Center for Physics Science and Technology brought together numerous scientists in Lithuania. It accommodates the development of laser technologies, lighting technologies, material sciences, nanotechnologies, semiconductor physics and electronics, as well as related scientific research and experiments in state-of-the-art facilities. The building houses the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University, the Institute of Applied Research, the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Center for Physics Science and Technologies, part of the Faculty of Chemistry, and part of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

It serves as the country’s largest and the most advanced physics, chemistry and technology research base, including 250 open-access laboratories and nine clean rooms that meet the most stringent ISO5, ISO6, ISO7 standards. Some 700 scientists and students at a time are be able to carry out research. The building is equipped with seven shielded rooms and one anechoic chamber. The premises are completely protected against electric field interference.

Specific construction and engineering solutions

Particular attention has been given not only to the operability and effective planning of the premises but also to advanced construction, technical and engineering solutions during the construction of the new Center for Physics Science and Technology. Over 260 laboratories, 350 scientists’ offices and 16 spaces with workstations for students in the lounges were arranged in the building. Laboratory rooms were equipped with 150 exhaust hoods, which are connected to the ventilation system, and with 14 heavy-duty venting systems with a capacity of 120,000 cubic m/hour, which are specially designed for such buildings.

Laboratory premises are supplied with deionized water, furnished with process cooling, and supplied with 20 types of process gas, including high-purity nitrogen gas, liquid nitrogen and compressed air. More than 20,000 meters of galvanized air ducts and 2,500 meters of special stainless steel air ducts were used for the installation of ventilation systems alone, and the total length of gas supply pipelines in the project is more than 6,500 meters.



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Construction period




custom ventilation chambers with 120,000 m3/h volumetric flow


custom ventilation chambers with 120,000 m3/h volumetric flow
of gas pipelines

6,500 m

of gas pipelines
of galvanized steel and 2,500 m of stainless steel ducts

20,000 m

of galvanized steel and 2,500 m of stainless steel ducts

Focus on architecture and employee comfort level

The Center of Physics Science and Technologies is distinguished by extraordinary architecture. Both the shape of the building and the visual solution are unified by a common idea – a crystalline structure. The façades are dominated by hexagonal lattices resembling graphene, a type of carbon that is the miracle material of the 21st century.

The center also features open courtyards, which should become a perfect relaxation and communication area for the employees. The courtyards are paved with hexagonal concrete terrazzo tiles. Benches of hexagon concrete terrazzo have been installed, with green lawn islands. Special attention has been paid to courtyard waterproofing and heat insulation solutions, so that scientists working in the laboratories on lower floors will not be disturbed by activity on the inner courtyards.

The National Center for Physics Science and Technology was built with support from the Lithuanian government and EU Structural Funds. The total project value is almost EUR 70 million, of which approximately EUR 38 million was allocated to construction and EUR 32 million to equipment procurement. The scope of construction performed by Mitnija amounted to more than EUR 13 million.

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