Improving rail infrastructure in Lithuania

Mitnija, along with the Kauno Tiltai transportation infrastructure company, implemented several development and modernization projects on Lithuanian railroad infrastructure.

On the Šiauliai-Klaipėda stretch of railroad, we built a second track on the Pavenčiai-Raudėnai, Telšiai-Dūseikiai, and Kūlupėnai-Kretinga railroad sections.

Our workers laid more than 22 km of new railroad track; installed 22 new switches, 11 culverts, almost two km of sound-suppression walls, and almost 200 m of retaining walls; and carried out major repairs on four crossings and three platforms. We also reorganized and updated the railroad signaling systems on these railroad stretches.

After the construction and modernization work, passenger trains are able to travel at 160 km/h on this railroad section, while freight trains can travel at 120 km/h.

We also worked in the IXB railroad corridor, where we carried out work constructing the second track of the Kyviškės-Valčiūnai Vilnius bypass. On the Vaidotai-Valčiūnai-Kyviškės railroad section, we conducted major repairs on more than 24 km of existing railroad track and laid nearly 26 km of new track. We also carried out major repairs on the Kyviškės, Valčiūnai, and Vaidotai railroad stations here.

On the stretch of railroad designated as a Vilnius bypass, we installed 39 new switches and more than 816 m of retaining walls, carried out major repairs on ten crossings and 28 culverts, and built a pedestrian viaduct and two pedestrian crosswalks. Now freight trains can travel at 80 km/h on the Vilnius bypass railroad section.

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