Mitnija is NATO’s and the U.S. military’s construction partner in Lithuania and Latvia

Mitnija was chosen to perform infrastructure renovation and modernization tasks at the Lithuanian air force base in Šiauliai.

Within 360 days, we will complete our design work, rebuild the fighter apron near the NATO aircraft hangar, and perform certain reconstruction tasks on the taxiway as well. Once the project is implemented, 8,400 sq. m of asphalt surfacing will have been reconstructed and a drainage system will have been installed.

Under an additional agreement, we will also plan and perform the repair of a 7,000 sq. m helicopter landing zone; install a special security lighting system; repair an ammunition bunker; build vehicle and equipment maintenance hangars; renovate the jet blast deflector zone; install a 4,000 sq. m reserve path; install a special pressurized air system and perform other tasks.

Our client is the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Mitnija also won a design and construction contract from the U.S. Army to renovate and modernize the infrastructure at air force bases in Lithuania and Latvia. The project client is the United States Army Corps of Engineers, a U.S. Army division under the Department of Defense.

At the Lielvardė air force base in Latvia, we will design and build an aircraft spare parts warehouse, a fire station with supporting buildings and a hot hazardous cargo pad, and perform other tasks as well.

At the Lithuanian air force base in Šiauliai, we will design and expand the fighter apron with 14 parking spaces featuring jet blast deflectors and engineering systems. We will also build a 2,800 sq. m cargo marshaling area. All of the design and construction tasks ordered by the U.S. Army will be completed within 540 days.

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