The most modern maternity hospital in Lithuania

On average, 20 babies are born every day at the new Obstetrics and Surgery block at Vilnius University Hospital Santariškės Clinics, which was built by Mitnija. Over 27,000 sq. m in size, this new hospital is undoubtedly one of the most modern in Lithuania.

It provides obstetrics, pregnancy pathology, neonatology, and gynecology services of the highest caliber. The hospital is also the home of the Center for Medical Genetics, Center for Otolaryngology, Center for Eye Diseases, and Center for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, with state-of-the-art intensive care units and operating rooms.

The new Obstetrics and Surgery block at Santariškės Clinics is a harmoniously shaped five-story building connected to the clinics’ old building via an impressive enclosed glass walkway. It fits in harmoniously with the general landscape of the Santariškės Clinics complex, yet it stands out due to its modernity and the bright colors of its exterior.

Santariskiu kliniku Akuserijos chirurgijos korpusas 03 - The most modern maternity hospital in Lithuania

The hospital contains impressive engineering systems that are not visible to the naked eye: a computer network, a local and satellite TV system, a fire alarm system, and operating room audio/video observation and recording systems. The supply of air, light, and medical gases in operating rooms takes place by means of remote control, which allows health care professionals to work particularly effectively during operations. The air supplied to operating rooms is humidified and dehumidified by special filters, and the system ensures the right temperature, humidity, and sterility. All of these engineering solutions allow for the highest standards of sterility to be maintained.

Internet tablets are installed next to each patient bed on the wards. Doctors can use them while examining patients to see what treatments and medication their colleagues have prescribed, observe the patient’s condition, and view other necessary information. Patients can listen to music and audio books, watch movies, and chat with their loved ones, all while observing their treatment process and the state of their health.

A special IT system ensures a constant link with patients in the hospital. The person on call is summoned first, and if there are no nurses there, the signal is automatically transferred to cell phones. Information is transferred from life support devices by the same principle, as well. During operations, the entire process can be filmed, recorded, and televised in instructional auditoriums.

Another important aspect of this project is a healthy environment. Special pressurized facilities lead to the operating rooms and protect them from bacteria and impurities. A healthy environment is also provided for on the wards and in corridors through the use of natural materials for the floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces. Inside, a plain, light interior has been created. Spacious lobbies, large cloakrooms, and auditoriums with modern equipment allow the health care professionals who work here, the patients, and their visitors to feel especially comfortable.

Obstetrics and Surgery block at Vilnius University Hospital Santariškės Clinics in photos

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