Impressive futurism in a forested surrounding

The Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology was built in Molėtai, a mainly rural district north of Vilnius, in 1990. As the museum’s popularity grew, it was decided to thoroughly remodel it, increasing its area threefold and providing it with modern, futuristic architectural accents.

In 2008, Mitnija reconfigured, updated, and expanded the museum to almost 2,000 sq. m., changing its appearance completely.

The museum complex comprises four main elements: a visitors’ welcome area in the shape of a flying saucer, an exhibition and administration building shaped like an inverted cone, the great telescope tower, and an ellipsoid glass observation deck suspended 32 m in the air.

Moletu observatorija 01 - Impressive futurism in a forested surrounding

The main entrance to the observatory and museum is an aluminum-plated, complex, ellipsoid building reminiscent of an alien space ship. On the first floor of the space ship, the museum’s reception room is located in a glass aquarium, while a café and cozy conference hall are located on the second floor.

In the great telescope tower, the main telescope has been installed; measuring 80 cm in diameter, it is one of the largest public telescopes in Europe.

The museum’s main accent is the ellipsoid glass observation deck, measuring 18 m wide and 36 m long and made of openwork metal pipes and glass. This impressive, futuristic glass and metal structure rises above the forests surrounding the museum and creates the impression of a space ship that has just landed.

Mitnija was awarded a gold medal for the project in the Lithuanian Product of the Year competition.

The Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology in photos

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