The Quadrum business center: the only one of its kind in Lithuania

Mitnija was responsible for the construction of the tallest of the Quadrum business center's three buildings – a 17-story tower – and a three-level underground parking garage underneath.

The impressive 40,000-square-meter Class A business complex contain modern offices, multifunctional conference halls, restaurants, leisure and service zones, landscaped inner courtyards, and a 700-car underground garage. Schage Real Estate, a Norwegian development company, invested EUR 75 million in the project.

This project stands out due to not only its impressive size but also the innovative technologies, structural and engineering solutions used, the implementation of which required extraordinary thoroughness, experience, and knowledge.

Construction solutions that are unique in Lithuania

The 17-story tower we built rests on a concrete slab, for which almost 3,000 cubic meters of concrete was poured. Special technology was used in pouring the concrete for this structure and a lot of large-diameter reinforcement was used, while the total length of welding seams exceeded 1,000 meters. The structure of the building itself is complex as well. Part of it above the third floor hangs like a console and is supported by a 200-ton steel girder that is mounted to floors 3-5. Due to the massive weight of the structure and its height, installing it posed a sizable challenge to our construction workers, because such a construction solution was used in Lithuania for the first time.

Also unique in Lithuania was the use of monolithic cavity-type overlays with plastic bubbles. They take up a certain volume inside the overlay, reducing the amount of concrete used and the weight of the structure. For reinforcement of the overlay plates, locally tensioned reinforcement (i.e., cables) was used. This technical solution, still new to Lithuania, also allows the quantity of reinforcement to be reduced compared to the standard method of plate reinforcement.

The decorative (exposed) concrete surfaces of the building’s open reinforced concrete structures – overlay slabs, columns, and elevator shaft walls – required particular diligence, knowledge, experience, and skill. They are part of the interior, so particularly stringent requirements applied to their quality. Complex, particularly accurate formwork made according to the architect’s vision was used to pour their surfaces. True mastery and diligence were needed to reveal the beauty of the concrete surface.


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Construction period

2014 - 2016



tones steel truss


tones steel truss
meters of board welds


meters of board welds


  • Custom concrete slab – 3,000 sq. m of concrete were used to cast it.
  • 1,000 m of board welds.
  • 200 t steel truss.
  • Monolithic cavernous overlapping, created by using plastic bubbles.
  • Decorative (exposed) concrete surfaces.

Quadrum was the first business center in the Baltic States built according to the standards of the prestigious BREEAM environmental impact assessment and building rating system. This means respect for the environment and for man; ensuring occupational safety and suitable work conditions for construction workers; the efficient use of energy, water, land, and other materials; and respectful behavior towards neighboring residents, keeping them informed about the project and the course of the construction. These seem like simple things – showers, a cafeteria, and a clothes drier at the construction site – but in Lithuania they are still a rarity.

The headquarters of one of the largest commercial banks in Lithuania, Liuminor, is located in the Quadrum business center’s 17-story tallest tower.

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