Economic responsibility

Our products and services affect the lives of many people around us. This is why we give high priority to sustainable business practices at Mitnija.

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Economic responsibility

Mitnija’s overall goal is to ensure profitable operations and returns to its shareholders. At the same time we strive to balance the need for shareholder returns with the best interests of others around us – our customers, business partners, employees and society in general.

This is why we put great effort into investigating and analyzing every potential project for unacceptable social or environmental aspects, and trying to avoid becoming involved in unacceptable projects. We investigate a wide array of potential risks and opportunities before entering into a project and do not prioritize financial interests alone. For example, we may decline a project due to unacceptable social or environmental risks, even if it is attractive from a financial standpoint.

For Mitnija, customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. This is why we try to establish a high-quality, responsible customer relationship at the earliest possible stage of a project. We devote great effort to analyzing our customers’ needs and expectations, and we make promises only when we are certain we can fulfill them. We are sure that this is the only way to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers and to deliver the agreed quality on time and within budget. We also constantly monitor customer satisfaction to achieve our strategic goal – the customer satisfaction index should not be lower than 4.5 points out of 5.

Balanced and responsible relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors are another very important priority for Mitnija. We understand that mutual trust, professionalism and effectiveness in our relationship with business partners yield in great benefits for all parties involved and create numerous opportunities.

We are also committed to working with business partners that share the same values and culture as we do. This is why we measure and take into account human resource, community and environmental factors in our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ work.

Mitnija’s strategic goals include continually strengthening our risk management. This is a key element in achieving profitable growth and fulfilling our responsibilities to our shareholders. We do not try to avoid all risks, since this is almost impossible in our complex business. Our aim is to identify, prevent and manage risks to ensure smooth, responsible and profitable business operations.