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This is Mitnija


Mitnija is the largest construction company in Lithuania. Combining more than 50 years of construction experience in the Lithuanian market with cutting-edge expertise and skilled professionals, Mitnija provides its clients with creative and innovative construction solutions.

Mitnija offers a complete package of construction services. We build commercial, residential and industrial projects and have expertise in the construction of railways and other infrastructure projects. Our main market is Lithuania. In 2016 the company started its operations in the United Kingdom and Latvia. It is considering expansion into other stable European markets.

Mitnija is certified and working in compliance with ISO 9001 international quality management and 14001 environmental management standards. In 2020, Mitnija’s sales totaled EUR 119 million. The company has more than 330 employees.

In 2018, Mitnija became the largest construction company in Lithuania (based on sales from core business of construction-related services).

Mitnija in figures

  • Sales in 2016: EUR 69 million.
  • Sales in 2017: EUR 83 million.
  • Sales in 2018: EUR 107 million.
  • Sales in 2019: EUR 109 million.
  • Sales in 2020: EUR 119 million.
  • Sales in 2021 (forecast): EUR 114 million.
  • 330 employees.
  • Ranking: No. 1 construction company in Lithuania (based on sales from core business of construction-related services).

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The agreed quality, time and budget are, and will probably always be, the core criteria of a professional and reliable construction company. We simply have no other choice but to make this happen and to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our clients often emphasize things we can take pride in and constantly improve in growing our business – a smooth, transparent, well organized and carefully planned construction process that helps both us and our clients to avoid stress, tensions and negative emotions. We will continue working in such a way that each stage of the construction process flows easily into the next. With a smile.

Construction is not a manufacturing business and has not been for some time. We work in the service sector. Therefore, we realize that just like all other service companies we must deliver high quality services, meet agreed deadlines, serve our clients professionally, and fulfill their expectations.

Buildings will be high-quality and durable when constructed with a smile, confidence and professionalism. We believe that living, working and spending time in a building whose walls are saturated with positive energy will be much more pleasant.

Our history in brief


  • Mitnija was established in 1962, specializing in electrical work. In 1984, the company began building industrial and residential projects.
  • In 2006, Mitnija was acquired by MG Baltic, one of the largest corporate groups in Lithuania, uniting 80 companies, which generated sales of EUR 581 million in 2016.
  • Mitnija’s internal reorganization during 2011-2012 resulted in a stronger management team as well as improved strategy, internal processes and risk control. This brought the company back on a growth track, with profitable operations.
  • With its highly skilled employees and strong technical / mechanization capabilities, today Mitnija is a modern and professional construction company.